Max-Reger-Institute events in January

Saturday, 07.01.2017, 7.30 pm – Kulturzentrum PFL Oldenburg
Hommage à Max Reger. Kurt Seibert plays Regers Bach Bach variations op. 81 and Telemann-Variationen op. 134. Moderated by Jürgen Schaarwächter and Kurt Seibert.

Tuesday, 10.01.2017, 7.30 pm – Substage Karlsruhe
EFFEKTE science festival: »Die Maschine macht Musik«. Beside the Plingpolyplü Fantastiko, which was co-created by Johannes Voit, a „Vorsetzer“ of the Welte company from Musikautomaten Museum Bruchsal is shown. Welte-Rolls, recorded by Max Reger himself, will be played on it.